Ranger, Blackguard, Shadowdancer, Ghostwalker


AC=29, HP=289, STR=20, DEX=20, CON=17, INT=16, WIS=16, CHA=20, Intimidate=


Was merely a loner ranger in a small village of 27, was hired by an archmage to lead him to a large city. Shortly after he was banished and sold into slavery with a halfling and a dwarf. They were then purchased by the same archmage. Neffy managed to escape into a mysterious portal. He found himself in a mindflayer society in the astral plane. Neffy Was then inslaved by the mindflayers. He then teamed up with a githzerai, Fisty McPunch and a drow, Kroykah. The Three formed a party and escaped the astral plane.


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